Learn how to use the Free Hosting Module


You will need to create a username and password before being allowed access.

Simply type one in the required fields to create one.

Choose this username carefully, it will be your main/root folder name for all of your files. ( ie, )

Your username is displayed each time you link to a file.

When done using you can close your internet browser and the next time you return your sign in information will be automatically filled out, and any customize settings you applied.

Pressing "SIGN OUT" will remove this information from storage, requiring you to re-enter it when you return.


CONTROLS is designed to use the [right-click] menu options.

You will need to [right-click] to bring up the actions in the drop menu.
( hint - right click a folder to bring up the [right-click] menu to upload a file to it)




Open File - Attemps to open the selected file in your internet browser.

Download File - Downloads the file to your selected local directory.

Rename File - Renames the selected file.

Delete File - Deletes the selected file.

Edit File Description - Allows you to add a description of up to 255 characters in length to a file.
(Users can view this description via “View file description” in the [right-click] menu)

Upload New File - Allows you to upload a file to the selected folder.

Customize Interface - Opens a panel that displays 2 color bars and one alpha bar for the background.

New Folder - Allows you to create a new folder.

Rename Folder - Renames the selected folder.

Delete Folder - Deletes the selected folder.




You can move any file from any folder to any other folder by simply dragging the file to the desired folder.




All of your files are share-able via the link displayed inside the address bar at the top after clicking on a file you have uploaded.

Select a file, then copy this link to share it with others.
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